Artisti bambole 2 bambole in vinile circa fino a 41 CM. OTTIMO stato

After Wars- Role Playing Post America *FS WWIII in ovcivs3987-Articoli per il gioco di ruolo Guerre stellari

Prettyia 20 pollici otarddolls neonato American Baby Doll placare Regalo di Natale  
16 pollici realistico Bambole Reborn Bambina Regalo di Natale in silicone regalo di compleanno ANTIQUE PORCELAIN JOINTED DOLL - 5 TALL
18 Pollici Bambola realistica vinile in Costume Bambola Reborn & ciuccio magnetico  


Afghanistan POUPEE ANCIENNE EN CELLULOID MECANIQUE DANSANTE Antique Armand Marseille 390 A.1 1/2.M Doll Bisque Head Teeth Showing Shoulderplate Bisque 3 1/4 Antico/Germania Antico RARO shoulderplate Head/PORCELLANA 2.36 Repro antique Kammer & Reinhardt German 18 bisque/cloth doll teeth utbl7 CHAPEAU POUR POUPÉE ANCIENNE. COTON. ESPAGNE. PRINC. XXe SIÈCLE MUÑECA ESPAÑOLA, DE LA CASA LAYNA, 1932, NUEVA, CON ETIQUETA Rare Early Antique German Bisque 1930's Heubach 3” French Bulldog With Muzzle Iran Vintage Porcelain Bisque Jointed Japan Dolls X3 & Herwig Kewpie Doll Dollhouse An antique French porcelain doll numberosso on the inside 16 and 4 Monkey Doll Antique Bisque Art Deco c1930 Japan Animal Hat Parasol Character Excavated vintage victorian painted doll head age 1860 Hertel & Schwab Art 10417 Libia Marocco Two hunter with deer excavated victorian figurine age 1860 Kister Art. 5440 Oman Qatar Gambe inferiori PORCELLANA Scarpe Nere 4.1 per legare in VINTAGE PAPIER-MACHÉ DOLL - 33cm Antico Albert Horn Sohne tedesco GESSO Gesù BAMBOLA IN CULLA IN SCATOLA RARO, leggere 20 German Armand Marcelle Floradora Vintage Composition Character Boy Doll 16 Tall LOOK Vintage 1915 Louis Amberg LA&S Composition Cloth Boy Character Doll 15 Tall


SEBINO BAMBOLA MANNEQUIN TIPO SASHA BETTINA CAPELLI ROSSI doll toy poupee Italy Armenia Celluloide capo di una bambola, Juno 6.5 shoulderplate Bielorussia Bosnia-Erzegovina Fine bisque baby head sleeping doll marked AM Cipro Croazia 2005 KEWPIE Poupée 30 cm pour Cameo Georgia Antique Doll Ball Jointed Body for German or French Excellent condition 20-21” Exceptionnal autentico French ,boudoir doll, head ,for on pillow Lettonia Lituania Macedonia del Nord 26 Antique Papier Mache Doll Montenegro TONI Réédition Poupée ancienne des années 50 Effanbee ANTIQUE GERMANY ARMAND MARSEILLE A&M DOLL Baby Betty DRGM Romania Stunning Karl Hartmann 17 Inch Doll In Vintage Clothes Serbia Tête seule : repro Bébé Français JUM Triste Dite:longue face Taille 8 Simon Halbig 117/80 Signed Reproduction Hinged And Jointed 27” Doll Turchia Ucraina Ancienne poupée vintage - UNICA Belgium 56cm - plastique rigide -yeux dormeurs


After Wars- Role Playing Post America *FS WWIII in ovcivs3987-Articoli per il gioco di ruolo Guerre stellari


16 pollici 40cm Reborn Baby Ragazze neonati Bambola compleanno giocattoli tubiere — H

Antique 15 ARMAND MARSEILLE German Baby Doll with Teeth Bisque Head 618 Bhutan Brunei ANTIQUE 24 TALL 1800S PAPER MACHE COMPOSITION BUG EYE DOLL Cina Corea del Nord Doll Ancienne poupée 29cm. Vintage Reproduction Hilda JDK Kestner doll by Sharon Lynn Leffert 1987 10 Giappone JOLIE MIGNONNETTE ANCIENNE DE LA SFBJ TETE BISCUIT - CORPS COMPOSITION - 11 cm Indonesia Lot of 11 Inch Antique & vtg mini dolls including doll in WALNUT moslty bisque Antique Morimura Brothers Doll Bisque Head Jointed Composition Body 24 Antique Mignonette doll Kestner- Germany Malesia Mongolia Myanmar Bambola fine 800 con vestito epoca Pakistan POUPEE fin XIXème ARTICULEE n 8 papier maché COMPOSITE yeux BLEUS dormeurs 51cm Sri Lanka BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE DOLL SET OF blu PIN AND BUTTONS IN ORIGINAL CASE Bambola composizione corpo 15 3/4 snodato Antico Thailandia Cloth Lithographed marroneie by Palmer Cox Copyrighted 1892 Early 1900’s Antique Jointed Dollhouse Doll WHISTLING BOY & DOG Uzbekistan Vietnam


Bleuette 301 ReF:AC 29 cm Poupée Ancienne Reproduction Antique Doll Antico 12 indirizzata kopplesdorf provocante Eyed Baby Bambino 367 5/0 D.R.G.M Vintage Skookum Indian Doll & Baby Papoose Rare Style, Pre-war RARE PAIR Dolly Dingle , Kaptain Kiddo G. Drayton 1910 dolls ~Hendren/Averill Cile Antique 1920s, composition & cloth, comic Little ORPHAN ANNIE doll and book 13” Antique Composition Ideal Shirley Temple Makeup Doll Scottie Dress Composizione Babydoll Body J.D. Kestner/10 /1910s/Germania Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Early Antique Original 11 Heubach Bisque Girl Piano Baby NM+ Haiti Antique 20 papier mache shoulder head - Pelle arms -well dressed VGC Messico BEAUTIFUL RARE ANTIQUE BEADED DOLL PURSE Grande bambola vintage 65cmporcelaine unis-france anni 1930 Paraguay Vintage Antique Simon Halbig 21 Bisque Ceramic & Composite Doll & Clothes ANTIQUE DOLL 1894 AM7 DEP WITH 4 BALLS ORIGINAL BODY LONG LEG CLOTHES WIG scarpe BLEUETTE: meubles GAUTIER-LANGUEREAU 1937 salle à manger en excellent état RARE Super RARE, Kuddles labeled circa 1920s, boudoir bed doll, original, excellent Rare Antique c1890 SIMON HALBIG Bisque Doll 23 190-9 Bambola Lenci 111 del 1930